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The Best Carry On Luggage Bag for Frequent & Family Flyers

The best flight-proven carry on luggage.

Want the best carry-on luggage that has been flight proven nationally and internationally for over seven years?  This is the one to get!

As a frequent flyer (averaging 3 flights a week for work) and spending vacation time flying all over the world with my family, there are certain commonalities. Airports, airplanes, and luggage.

Luggage Has Changed.

The need for me, as a frequent flyer, to have a practical and reliable carry on roller/spinner bag that will fit in the overhead compartment of all commercial (larger) jets as used on USA flight routes is important.

The same bag must also take the beatings of at least six international flights a year, being thrown by luggage handlers, spending time on various luggage belts, traveling in the hold of aircraft and being rolled countless miles around airports, cities, cobblestone village streets and sandy seaside towns.

Important factors for any luggage – it must be practical, reliable and affordable.

As a frequent flyer, I rely on being able to carry on a suitcase that’s big enough to fit all I need, but small enough to qualify as a carry-on. I never chance a lost bag on a business trip.

I can travel on week-long business trips with my Samsonite Expandable Softside Luggage with Double Spinner Wheels as a carry on (with a smaller notebook roller bag on top). When traveling for work I can fit six changes of clothes in this bag along with gym clothes and shoes and my C-PAP machine.

The Kensington Contour notebook roller bag I use in conjunction with Samsonite spinner while traveling domestically in the U.S. is great, it provides so much additional capacity for longer business trips.

The Samsonite spinner is a tough and affordable carry-on, even with the beatings I give it each one has lasted for years and has never let me down. When the zippers are no longer sealing properly or the wheels have worn right down I put it in the closet as a spare and buy a new one.

It’s light and portable, can be rolled easily as you’re walking, convenient to carry on public transit and taxis and some of the European hotel rooms are so tiny you will be glad to have smaller luggage.

And I don’t always carry it on. For some of our bigger family trips, where we have to take multiple bags, these bags are durable enough to be checked through to international destinations. My current Samsonite has been on 10 international vacations – and around the world eight times.

When traveling on international family trips, I can manage up to 21 days with this bag with scheduled washing along the way, of course. On these international trips, my wife uses the same spinner bag and my kids roll smaller size bags. They ‘ve managed their own small bags since the age of four and always carry their small bags on board. 

For all our bags, zippers and wheels are the main areas of wear, but with proper maintenance, they can last for years. See here how you can maintain them so they will last up to 3 times longer.

When traveling with checked baggage and collecting of luggage from belts, I have never have had a bag taken of the belt by another passenger. The way I prevent my bag from being taken by accident is here.

It’s such a simple solution I can’t understand why more people are not doing it.

Samsonite Lineate Expandable Softside Luggage with Double Spinner Wheels

The style and model of the standard size spinner carry-on bag I use has morphed over the years as Samsonite continues to make improvements in the design of the bag and reducing weight.  

The current bag is a Samsonite Lineate Expandable Softside Luggage with Double Spinner Wheels and may be purchased here.

If this bag is not necessarily to your liking look through the family of Samsonite roller bags – ensure you take note of the overall dimensions as these are the measurements that really matter to carry the bag onto a plane. Carry-On size and weight allowances vary by airlines. See airline carry on guide and luggage gauge.

Having an expandable main zippered section is also something you will definitely need, even if you have to check it on to use the extra space. If the bag is overstuffed, it may not be accepted by the airlines as a carry-on or you may have trouble getting it in the overhead bins.

Features of This Bag

Dimensions & Weight

PACKING (inside) DIMENSIONS: 20.25″ x 13.25″ x 8.0″,
OVERALL (outside DIMENSIONS: 22.0″ x 14.0″ x 9.5″ WEIGHT 8lbs (3.6kg)

360 Degree Spinner Wheels

Individual hardened steel cartridge bearings in the wheel system help increase mobility. This is a lightweight design but it offers heavyweight protection riding on 360-degree Spinner Wheels. All you need to do is push your bag along and the wheels do the rest. When at rest the bag easily stays upright on its own.

Comfort Grip Handle

It allows for “through the bag” phone charging from a built-in USB port and a convenient zipped pocket to hold the phone while charging, handy when you need to rush through airports.

The handle has 10 adjustable heights to customize to users preferred handle height.


Included with the bag is a Tri-Fold Suiter or folding suit bag that is gusseted for extra space to pack several pieces, with built-in handles for easy transport and a wire structure to keep clothes wrinkle-free. Tie-Down Straps with built-in zippered pocket Panel compresses and stabilizes while providing extra organization.

Integrated USB Port

It allows for “through the bag” phone charging from a built-in USB port and a convenient zipped pocket to hold the phone while charging, handy when you need to rush through airports.

The spinner bag comes with a standard Samsonite warranty. Details can be found here.

Safe and fun travels!

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