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Cheap Tickets, Tours & Attractions – KLOOK

We Really Saved on Our Tickets, Tours & Attractions With KLOOK

Cheap Tickets, Tours & Attractions – KLOOK

KLOOK offered me cheaper prices on tickets, tours & attractions, and after reading KLOOK travel tour reviews on other sites, all users said they had no problems when using vouchers.


Late last year I was researching a trip to Hong Kong and stumbled across the KLOOK website. I spent some time researching the various tickets, tours & attractions products they offered and understanding how the vouchers would work. They have a good range of attraction entry tickets, package tickets, tours, and other services. Some of the pricing is so unbelievably cheap.

For more on the entire Hong Kong trip you can see my detailed article Hong Kong – Your Guide to & the Best Things to See & Do!, and a much shorter travel tour review, Hong Kong – 3 Great Places to Visit.

Here is a quick rundown of the tickets, tours & attractions entry I purchased on KLOOK.

entry to Hong Kong Disneyland cheap Disney tickets

Review of Hong Kong Disneyland

The KLOOK Disney Deal

The price on KLOOK for a 2-day entry pass with a meal voucher and a store credit to Hong Kong Disney was $18 cheaper than booking directly from Disney. It also gave me an $8 credit to use towards Disney merchandise in the stores.

The voucher I printed out had a QR code. I gave it to the attendant in the Disney ticket booth who exchanged it for a park ticket. It was no fuss at all! The Disney ticket also had the meal voucher and the store credit loaded.

For a full review of our Hong Disney experience see the article Cheap Disney Tickets – Full Disney Magic!

You can see more on Hong Kong Disneyland Park Tickets here.

cheap low cost mobile wi-fi hotspot for use in Hong Kong

Mobile Wi-Fi Hot Spot – Great Product!

Cell Phone Data – Cheap Cheap Cheap

When traveling, my US-based mobile phone carrier charges $10 a day for foreign country roaming (with minimal data). Because of this, my wife’s phone is generally roaming for data (which equals, turn off data outside of the US as it is so expensive).

Mobile data is taken for granted in the US as it comes unlimited with many plans. In most overseas countries this is not the case. Mobile data nowadays is so important when traveling. You need it when you check on, or in for your flights, when you use google maps to walk, cycle or drive around a new city, to use public transport, to purchase attraction tickets, to book an Uber or Taxi and so on. It is also important for Voice-over-IP (VoIP) phone services like Skype.

The Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot from KLOOK was a great deal. I paid less than $10 for a 4-day rental. The small round hotspot allowed for up to 5 devices. We had no trouble accessing the internet with both phones everywhere, including underground on the MTR.

We picked the hotspot up from a kiosk at the Hong Kong Airport. The hotspot charged via a built-in USB cable and lasted about 6 to 8 hours. The portable USB batteries I carry to charge my phone came in handy to charge the hotspot device on longer days. This was awesome!

See more on Mobile Wi-Fi Hot Spots here.

Hong Kong airport express train cheap mtr transit card travel tour review
Image Baycrest

Hong Kong Airport Express MTR Transit Card

Discount Cards Easy to Pickup

On KLOOK I bought discount transit cards for 72 hours of unlimited MTR travel which included the Hong Kong Airport Express service.

The passes gave me a round trip on the express plus three days of free travel all over the MTR network. This made it easier than figuring out where and how to buy the tickets upon arrival. I simply picked the passes up from a kiosk at the airport.

See more on the Transit Cards here.

Hong Kong tramoramic tour double deck tram cheap tickets travel tour review

Hong Kong TramOramic

A New Orleans Streetcar on Steroids – TramOramic!

The TramOramic tour was a great Ding-Ding Double Deck Tram tour on Hong Kong Island. The tour uses specially prepared heritage trams (the rest of the world generally uses the word “tram” for a trolley or streetcar).

Included in the tour were headphones to listen to an audio guide as the tram traveled from Causeway Bay to Western Market. With my KLOOK voucher, I had to choose a specific departure time from either Western Market or Causeway Bay. I presented the voucher to the tram conductor who gave me a “Golden Ticket.” This allowed entry to the tour plus a 2-day pass on all the regular trams.

 See more on the TramOramic tour here.

Hong Kong victoria tram tickets cheap tours no waiting travel tour review
Image Filzstift

Victoria Peak Funicular Tram

A Fast Way to Get High up in Hong Kong

We wanted to ride the funicular tram to Victoria Peak but I had read on other travel tour reviews how long the lines can be, sometimes more than 2 hours. KLOOK offered various tickets, tours & attractions packages for the Victoria Peak Tram. I chose the Fast-Track Combo package that reduced the wait time and purchased the vouchers at a discount.

On the day and at our designated time, we met a group leader/guide outside an MTR entrance at Central Station. Then as a group, walked 10 minutes to the tram terminal and waited in the group area. After a 30 minute wait, we boarded the tram. The regular lines were at least 2 hours.

See more on Victoria Peak Funicular Tram here.

seoul korea train railplus travel transport card ticket

Seoul Korea Railplus Transport Card

Great Deal – Slow Clerk

I had a 9-hour layover at Seoul (Incheon) Airport and had planned to go into the city and maybe tour around using the transport card. But we were too tired and therefore spent several hours resting at a capsule hotel in the main terminal building.

Since I had pre-purchased the Railplus Transport Card, I used it to take the subway to the other airport terminal.

To redeem the voucher I had to find a specific bookstore and then exchange it for the transit card. But the clerk at the bookstore had no idea what I was asking for. After he made a few phone calls, I was able to get the card. This was the only KLOOK voucher I had trouble in exchanging, with the problem solved after the phone calls.

See more about the Seoul Korea Railplus Transport Card here.

cheap ticket tours tour tickets travel tour review klook

Saved With KLOOK on Tickets, Tours & Attractions

You Should Too

KLOOK definitely saved me money on tickets, tours & attractions when I traveled to Hong Kong. It also has a lot of other transport and travel services that I didn’t know about, and very positive travel tour reviews by other travelers. As with any service or product, before purchasing you should read the conditions of use relating to your vouchers – carefully.

Don’t Forget Travel Insurance

Never Travel Without it

An essential service when traveling overseas is travel insurance, we never travel without it. To see a review of why travel insurance is so important and get some the right insurance at the best price read the article Why you Need Travel Insurance.

Research on my Hong Kong trip showed that KLOOK was consistently cheaper and convenient to use. KLOOK also allows you to book travel products and services in other parts of the world, I will definitely use it again.

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