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Someone Took My Bag – Get Personalized Bag Tags!

Don't Risk Losing Your Valuable Luggage at Airports

Someone Took My Bag – Get Personalized Bag Tags!

Has anyone ever taken your bag off the baggage belt, or do you worry it might happen?  Here is a way you can stop it with personalized bag tags.

Someone Has Taken my Bag by Mistake

It has been a rough few flights to get to your destination. After deplaning you go to baggage claim to collect your bag. You check your belt number, and your plane’s luggage is already riding up and dumping on to the slowly moving belt.

People are standing so close to the belt that you can’t see the luggage or the bag tags clearly, much less move in to grab yours should it go by.

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My Luggage is Not There

You wait, trying to see your bag, to see your bag tag.

The luggage stops dumping on the belt. The bags and those waiting for them begin to thin. The belt stops moving, and then you realize – OMG my luggage is not there!

You walk to the luggage office and line up with the other tired and visibly annoyed passengers.

You wait (again) as each passenger tells his or her lost luggage story to the airline customer representative.

The customer service employee looks like one of those stone-faced mannequin statues at Disney that has a happy face, blinking eyes and moving lips projected on to a hard, blank surface.

The stories detail the relevant flight and personal information from their missing luggage bag tag that is required by the airline to locate the luggage. Also the passenger’s annoyance at how an airline would lose “their” baggage.

The customer service employee explains to the passenger in front of you that their baggage is not lost. Your bag has simply missed a connection and will be delivered later that night or early the next day.

It’s your turn with the customer service employee, you fully expect the same story that you have just heard. Instead, she says “The bag has arrived at this airport, could you describe the bag? We will continue to look for it and call you if it turns up”.

They Have Taken my Bag From The Carousel

She continues, “Perhaps another passenger has taken it by mistake, I am sure they will contact the airline and return it.”

You are totally speechless. The blinking eyed and smiling face customer service representative adds, “Many bags look alike, you should always make sure yours is well labeled and personalized. Do you have a colored name and address bag tag”?

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How Could They Take my Bag?

You had a black 22-inch spinner bag (4 spinning wheels) with small black bag tags. It was just like at least 50 other bags with bag tags on the belt. How could someone take yours by mistake???

Don’t Let This Happen to You, Get Personalized Bag Tags

You may have noticed, that many airline flight staff have colored, embroidered bag tags on their luggage with “CREW”, “CAPTAIN”, or “REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT”.

The reason is for other passengers and flight crew to recognize that this is not their luggage – so don’t take it!

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These embroidered bag tags are now available fully personalized. They may be ordered in a variety of colors, with your name or message, and in several different styles.

I have been using personalized bag tags for years and have never had any luggage taken off a belt by mistake.

In the last few years, I have had bag tags made as gifts for family members.

Recently I have ordered personized bag tags for friends about to take an international trip with their family as a “bon voyage” gift and a helpful way not to have their bags taken by mistake.

No one will take my kid’s school backpacks and baseball bags by mistake, they all have personalized bag tags.

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Where Can You Buy Personalized Bag Tags

You can purchase the bag tags with up to 14 characters at the best price, but a long delivery time here. I have ordered from this supplier on several occasions and the product has always been good.

You may purchase the bag tags with up to 17 characters at a higher price, but a short delivery time here. I have also purchased from this supplier.

While you are on these supplier’s pages look along the bottom of the to find all different kinds of embroidered bag tags for your luggage, kids backpack, sports bags or a gift. Also available are customer, and individually designed name and address bag tags for your luggage.

Don’t Chance to Lose Your Bag – Carry on!

If you had your bag taken and not returned, or have decided that from now on – you will carry on, you will need some new carry on luggage.

The article The Best Carry On Luggage Bag for Frequent & Family Flyers reviews a durable carry spinner bag for the cost-conscious traveler.

Use a Carry on – Make it Last up to 3 Times Longer

Zippers and wheels, typically are the first things to break on your wheeled luggage. In the article OMG, My Zipper Broke – What Now??? learn how to make these components (and your luggage) last up to 3 times longer.

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